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Integrated Construction

The information developed in the estimate also becomes the basis for a detailed construction schedule. The material lists and quantities taken off of the drawings are used to calculate the time required to purchase and install those items. More...


Cost Control

A detailed estimate is the financial blueprint for a successful project.

At ICS cost control begins long before the first shovel full of dirt is turned. Working with the project architect, we develop a detailed estimate at the earliest stages of the design process. This first budget estimate becomes a financial blueprint to help the team reach the fiscal objectives. As the design progresses, the estimate is updated to reflect new concepts and insure that the end product meets the budget as well as design requirements. Should value engineering be required, the estimate becomes an essential tool in guiding this effort.

The cost information developed in the estimate is transferred to a Cost Control Worksheet. As bidding takes place and contracts are awarded, contract commitments are compared to the estimate budgets. Variances are identified immediately and corrective action taken.
The Cost Control Worksheet is also used to generate budget projections, and a schedule of values for monthly billings.

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