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Integrated Construction

The information developed in the estimate also becomes the basis for a detailed construction schedule. The material lists and quantities taken off of the drawings are used to calculate the time required to purchase and install those items. More...


Construction - Risk Management

We have a responsibility to minimize risk.

Minimizing our client’s risk is a responsibility that we take very seriously. By effectively managing costs and schedules, the risk involved in any construction project is largely reduced. To further reduce risk we use a variety of additional tools.

Subcontractors being considered for our projects are required to provide a list of references that include past projects, contractors, suppliers and financial institutions. With each monthly payment subcontractors are required to sign partial lien waivers for the amount paid to date. At the completion of the project lien waivers for the total contract amount are required.

Risk Management
In addition to lien waivers, joint checks can be written to sub-tier contractors and suppliers. Materials for use on the project can also be purchased directly from suppliers. All contractors and subcontractors on our projects are required to provide certificates of insurance for our specific project. The certificate of insurance names the contractor and owner as additional insured.

Job-site safety is always a concern on construction projects. A written safety plan is put in place for each project and weekly safety meetings and inspections are conducted. All contractors and subcontractors are required to meet the safety requirements for our projects.
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