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Integrated Construction

The information developed in the estimate also becomes the basis for a detailed construction schedule. The material lists and quantities taken off of the drawings are used to calculate the time required to purchase and install those items. More...


Builder / Architect Magazine

Integrated Construction Services, Inc. is truly unique in the building industry. Working closely with discriminating clients, they build confidence with the homeowner by providing a service that includes a disciplined and detailed approach to planning and scheduling a luxury home construction while observing a strict devotion to matchless quality and the use of proven artisans and talented subcontractors.

Their detailed scheduling is simply unparalleled, while their meticulous consideration for finely executed details and luxury amenities gives life to their clients’ dreams.

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Integrated Construction Services, Inc. was chosen to build the lavish and detailed contemporary mountain home. They were selected because of their unshakable commitment to doing the job right the first time and because of their standard for quality work and detailed craftsmanship.

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